Our Story

The Unified Marathon is the brainchild of Team Special Olympics Pakistan. After 10 years of organizing Walk-a-thons that had little impact and visibility, they decided to do something they had never done before. The Marathon started off as a small scale awareness event that lacked funding and expertise. When Babar Lakhani, a frequent runner and supporter of Special Olympics Pakistan read about the Marathon on social media, he immediately jumped on board bringing with him his entire team at Lakson Investments. With the finances sorted out, the marathon required expertise and technical support which was taken over by Adnan Gandhi and Sheema Sultan of CORE, a leading gym in Karachi. Adnan, having run multiple marathons across the world brought with him a pool of knowledge regarding logistics, timings and race categories. Along with the entire team of Special Olympics Pakistan, the Marathon Organizing Committee pulled off the 1st Unified Marathon with 2 race categories. Attended by more than 1500 people, the 1st Unified Marathon was a success.